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What is Work Alley? 

Work Alley is a Digital Workflow & Communication Tool built for Real Estate Agents, Transaction Coordinators, Assistants, Teams or Brokerages.  These Systems will allow you to seamlessly take a client from the sale - to the closing table - to staying in touch with that client for years to come. The goal is to be efficient is the simplest way possible.  We want our users to have a Snapshot of all transactions, interactive checklists, reminders and communication tools in one place! 



Who created Work Alley and why? 

Over the last 2 years, a Mega-Agent, a Transaction Coordinator, and a Marketing Assistant have worked together to build this "Systems-based Website".  The three have worked together for years and started sharing their systems with other agents as a way to give back to the local real estate community.  Once agents saw our systems they were immediately drawn to what we were doing and looking for a way that they could implement our systems into their business.  We believe in exceeding customers' expectations while maintaining a positive work/family balance.  This software that we have created has helped agents provide excellent customer service while creating peace of mind knowing that nothing is being forgotten.  We spent two years designing this software to help agents catapult their real estate careers to new levels, by closing more transactions and generating more referrals. Not to mention that system leverage is much less expensive than people leverage so agents are also enjoying their increased profitability.  





Can I try Work Alley before purchasing?
Yes, we offer a 30-day trial period. You can cancel anytime within those 30 days and not be charged. 

How do I create an Account? 

Choose the plan that works best for you and follow the sign-up steps.



Can I cancel anytime?
Yes. Subscriptions are month-to-month and can be canceled anytime.  If you cancel, your subscription will end on the day you cancel. You will no longer have access to your systems. 



What payments do you accept? 

Debit or Credit Cards accepted - Visa and Mastercard

Refund Policy 

All sales and subscription payments are final. No refunds. 


Do I have to sign a contract?
When you sign up, you will agree to our terms and conditions agreement.


Can I add an Admin, Assistant or Transaction Coordinator?
Yes, each plan allows for one “Admin”.  This can be your Office Manager, Transaction Coordinator, Assistant, or anyone you like.  This “Admin” will be able to click an invite link and create a login.  The “Admin” will be able to see your Workflows and Properties.  


Can I add other agents or employees to my team?
Yes, you can on the Team Plan. You can add up to 5 Team Members.  Each additional bundle of 5 Team Members is $25 per month.  **If you would like to add a smaller or larger number of members, please reach out to our customer support and we can get that set up for you. 



Can I customize & brand emails?  “Coming Soon”
Our emails are designed to “not look like spam”.  You can add a logo on the profile page which will apply to the top of each email.


Can I create custom Workflows?
Yes, you can create custom workflows for anything you want.  You can also use and customize the templates we provide with your subscription. 



Email Content Saving?
There is no need to save.  All content auto-saves.  



Who gets the emails?
Roles are available and can be assigned within the email body in Worklfow Templates or Properties. When you build or update an email workflow item, simply click the role and/or contact who will get that email.  Once you have an active or pending property, simply add a contact to the property, then select their role.  The contacts and roles will all tie together in the property based on your templates. 



How many Workflows and Properties can I add?
There is no limit! You can add any number of Workflows and properties. 



Will my data be backed up?
Yes, the system is backed up daily.



Is my information secure?
Yes, your profile and information are secured with an encrypted SSL connection.

Workflow, Property & People

How do I add a Workflow? 

Click Workflows from the sidebar, then Add Workflow.  Type your info and hit Save.



How do I add a Property? 

Click Properties from the sidebar, then Add Property.   Type your info and hit Save. 

“Coming Soon”  - you will be able to Add a Property from the Dashboard 


How do I create a Custom Email? 

Workflow Items or Tasks are two-fold.  They can simply be a checklist task item to track or a communication item.  Just below the task title there is an email text box.  If you add content to that box, your Task or Workflow Item will then become a communication item.  You can use this communication tool for emails to all parties of the sale or as a reminder email that you auto-schedule. 

Who receives these emails?

1. You can pre-set recipients in your templates.  2. You can choose recipients in real-time within the email section.  3. You can always update or change recipients within a property email at any time.

How do I auto-schedule emails to go out? 

Within each Workflow item, you can choose a date for the email to go out - just open the Worklfow Item, choose a date under Auto Send Email.  Whatever content is in the body will be emailed on that selected date. 


How do I change the Status of a Property - From Active Listing to Pending Seller? “Coming Soon” 

Right now you cannot change the status of a Property.  For example from New Listing to Seller Under Contract.  You will need to create a new property.  



How do I delete a Property or Workflow?

Click the red trash can to the right of the property or workflow. 

“Coming Soon”  you will be able to mark properties as Sold, Archived, or Termited - these will be stored within your profile and available on reports.



How do I add new People? 

Two ways.  1. You can add People using the People Section on the sidebar, click Add People.  2.  You can add People while you are in a property: Pull down the “People Section within the property and click Add People.  You can choose to “Save them to Contacts” from there.  


How do I add People to a property? 

You can add People while you are in a property: If you use the Filter/Search feature within the property you can find people already in your contacts. **See above FAQ on how to add a new person to your contacts within the property. 


How do I delete a Contact? 

Easy… just click the red trash can to the right of the contact info. 


Why can I add duplicate Contacts?

In our businesses, some people hold multiple roles.  They can also hold different roles for different transactions.  Also, some people have more than one email address.  This “duplicate” feature will allow you to get the correct communication item to the correct person under the correct role. For example, on one transaction you may have the Rep from a title company working the file but they are also your buyer.  Just an example to make sure getting the info out is as simple and efficient as possible.  



How does the Dashboard Work? 

Think of The Work Alley Dashboard is your Digital Whiteboard! This interactive tool gives users a view of all transactions, where the transaction is in the process and allows you to check off key items ... all in one place.  How we use our Dashboard:

- Check off workflow items directly from the Dashboard and it will seamlessly check them off in your property as well

- Take a screenshot of your Dashboard and send to your Agent or boss t provide a visual view of all transactions 

- Anyone backing up the TC, Admin or Agent will have a quick reference to all files 

- Provide info on all files while on once screen


Dashboard info specifically for Transaction Coordinators? 

A team of transaction coordinators and agents built this Dashboard with the assistant in mind.  For an assistant who coordinates transactions for multiple agents, the Dashboard provides a visual view of all transactions for all agents in one place, on one screen, organized by Agent. Users can mark tasks complete without having to go into a particular property - this comes in handy when multiple tasks are completed over a weekend or evening and users need to update their workflows.  The Dashboard is a Visual Snapshot of all transactions at any time - Just screenshot and send. 


How do I sort? 

There are sort features on many columns throughout the site.  The small arrow will indicate where you can sort. 

Other Questions? 

If you have other questions, feel free to email us at - we will respond asap - usually within 24 hours.  

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