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  • What is My Work Alley?
    Work Alley is a Digital Workflow & Communication Tool built for Real Estate Agents, Transaction Coordinators, Assistants, Teams or Brokerages. These Systems will allow you to seamlessly take a client from the sale - to the closing table - to staying in touch with that client for years to come. The goal is to be efficient is the simplest way possible. We want our users to have a Snapshot of all transactions, interactive checklists, reminders and communication tools in one place!
  • Who created Work Alley and why?
    Over the last 2 years, a Mega-Agent, a Transaction Coordinator, and a Marketing Assistant have worked together to build this "Systems-based Website". The three have worked together for years and started sharing their systems with other agents as a way to give back to the local real estate community. Once agents saw our systems they were immediately drawn to what we were doing and looking for a way that they could implement our systems into their business. We believe in exceeding customers' expectations while maintaining a positive work/family balance. This software that we have created has helped agents provide excellent customer service while creating peace of mind knowing that nothing is being forgotten. We spent two years designing this software to help agents catapult their real estate careers to new levels, by closing more transactions and generating more referrals. Not to mention that system leverage is much less expensive than people leverage so agents are also enjoying their increased profitability.
  • Can I add an Admin, Assistant or Transaction Coordinator?"
    Yes, each plan allows for one “Admin”. This can be your Office Manager, Transaction Coordinator or Assistant, etc. This “Admin” will be able to click an invite link and create a login. The “Admin” will be able to see all user accounts that have given them “Admin” access.
  • Can I customize & brand emails? “Coming Soon!"
    Our emails are designed to “not look like spam”. You can add a logo on the main user account which will apply to the top of each email.
  • Can I create custom Workflows?
    Yes, you can create custom workflows for anything you want. You can also use and customize the templates we provide with your subscription.
  • Can I customize my emails? How does email contact save?
    Any Task can be made into an email and any Email can be customized. There is no need to save. All content auto-saves. See video for details:
  • Who gets the emails and what happens when they reply?
    The roles for who gets an email can be chosen in your Workflow templates. Just apply that “role” to the correct person in a property. This will save for you so it’s the same each time you use that particular template or workflow item. You can also change who gets an email in the email pop-up before you hit send. When an email lands in an inbox, it looks like a regular email. Reply or Reply All can be selected and the email response will come back to the senders email. Replies do not go back to the system.
  • How many Workflows and Properties can I add?
    There is no limit! You can add any number of Workflows and properties.
  • Will my data be backed up?
    Yes, the system is backed up daily.
  • Is my information secure?
    Yes, your profile and information is secured with an encrypted SSL connection.
  • Can I add a picture to my email?
    At this time, you can NOT add an image in the body of an email. You can attach a PDF, PNG, and JPG to the email.
  • Need a tour?
    Watch our demo!
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